Vendors can design their store through our platform. This will enhance their credibility and will help them increase their customer base. 

Customized Domain

Sellers get the specified area of their store which they can use it for marketing and also on their website. This will be redirected to your website, which will not only build trust in the customer but also helps the increasing reach of your product/store.

Seller Credit Points

Seller will get the credit points based on the products sold, rating, and the number of complaints, reviews, and customer interaction. This rating will help the seller in delivering special offers to promote their products and services.

Business Impact

Bonzicart is a platform that will surge the business of the sellers in a secure, convenient and efficient way. The site is for you, and it is your business that impacts our effort positively and creates a winning stage for sellers as well as buyers.

Buyer Credit Points

Customer earns credit points on each of their purchase. Based on the credits points customers are categorized as Platinum, gold, and silver customers. Each of the customers will get exclusive offers and benefits, where it will be a win-win situation for both customers and vendors.

Buyer Delivery

In the future, we are ambitious about reducing delivery time. We have futuristic plan to deliver the product within 4 hours on successful order (Only in metropolitan cities)

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