Seller Policy - Seller Terms of Use

This document is an electronic agreement between the seller and BonziCart. As per this document, you agree to abide by the terms and policies of using the BonziCart website.

The use of the seller service is limited only for those who enter the seller platform with appropriate documents required to become a seller on the BonziCart website.  

The terms “We,” “Us” “Our” represents the company BonziCart and the terms “you,” “your” represents the seller/user of BonziCart website.


To become a seller on BonziCart, you must provide us the following documents.

• Business Name 

• Details of the individual(s) under whose name the business is registered

• Relevant GST and other tax registration details

• Pan number

• Postal address

• Official Email address

BonziCart verifies the information you provided; by registering with us as a seller, you agree to give authorization for the same. 

Under no circumstance, the seller should give wrong or misleading information while registering with BonziCart website. 

The seller can start using our service from the moment of completing the registration and its validation  

To continue the usage of the seller service, vendors have to fulfill particular performance criteria set by us. 

You acknowledge that BonziCart holds the right to delete your seller account without any notice at any time. 

By completing your seller registration, you agree to abide by the terms and policies of the BonziCart seller platform. 

If you refuse to abide by the seller terms and policies of BonziCart, we request you to cease the usage of the seller platform. 

The seller platform is not for the minors (below the age of 18). However, the service can be utilized upon submission of valid documents of ownership. 

If we find reasonable proofs of policies being violated, we hold the right to take disciplinary action, including suspension of the Sellers account. 

Seller will agree for the term that under any circumstances website will not be misused. 

Performance Criteria: 

BonziCart holds the rights on its sole discretion to decide  the seller meeting performance criteria.  

We have the right to terminate the account without prior notice if the performance criteria not met. Seller performance demographics and the performance  criteria displayed on the seller dashboard.


BonziCart acts as a platform where buyer meets, interact, and purchase products from the seller. Hence this document serves as an electronic contract between the seller and the buyer.

Any user who browses and purchases a product from the website termed as the Buyer and any person or organization that list the product takes the orders and delivers the products to customers via delivery partners termed as Sellers. 

In case of transaction disputes, BonziCart will not interfere between Seller and the Buyer. 

Seller, as well as the buyer, should read the User terms and policies before using the website. 


It is the seller’s responsibility to provide a Tax Invoice to the buyer after taking the order successfully.

It is mandatory for the seller to send a tax invoice with every commodity they deliver. 

All the tax invoices raised should contain the GSTIN details of the seller. 

Accepting an order:

After successfully taking an order from the buyer, the product should be packed and shipped within 48 hrs. Failure to do the same will affect the performance criteria of the seller.

The seller should only use the packing materials provided by BonziCart. Using packing material other than stipulated one is termed as a violation of the policy. 

Maintaining and replenishing the stock of the listed products is the sole responsibility of the seller. 

Cancellation of an Order:

If the buyer cancels the order after packing the product, the order cancellation can or cannot be accepted by the seller.

In case, if the seller fails to fulfill the order due to pricing or stock issues, the seller can always cancel the order. However, the cancellation of the product due to the reasons mentioned above will affect the performance of the seller. 

Seller performance is not affected if the seller able to convince the buyer to wait until the arrival of the stocks. 

If the seller cancels the order after the payment is made, then the full amount should be paid back to the buyers in the original mode of payment. 

Return/Refund Policy:

Return policies shall be based on the type of individual product. The seller should mention “Non-Returnable/Non-Cancellable” in the product description.

In case, if the buyer requested a replacement and the seller failed to provide an alternative. Then, the seller should give full refund to the buyer. 


BonziCart shall not be liable for any investments, business, selling, transaction, loss, or profit made on or through BonziCart website. 

We do not hold responsible for the price of a product listed on the BonziCart website, including but not limited to discounts, sales, and offers. 

BonziCart is just a platform for the sellers and buyers; we do not hold any responsibility for the transactions between the seller and the buyer. 

Policy Violation:

BonziCart is committed to providing a safe and professional experience for both the seller and the buyer.

To maintain a suitable protocol, we continuously monitor the activities of the buyers as well as the sellers. 

BonziCart is highly concerned about policies. The seller who is violating privacy policies should face strict action. 

We encourage other users to intimate us upon finding a policy violation of products, infringements, and intellectual property rights.  

A Seller shall not misuse the website in any circumstances. For instance: One cannot list the product at a meager price and use the site to deliver such products. 

If we find reasonable ground to detect fraudulent or suspicious activities conducted by the seller, we held the rights to investigate further and take legal disciplinary action against the seller. 

You will not be allowed to create a new seller account with us if your one of your seller account gets removed once. 

Any manipulating behavior that affects the buyer or other sellers is not entertained under any criterion. 

Including your personal/company visiting card, marketing pamphlets, or private messages inside the packaging are strictly prohibited and considered a violation of the policy. Failure to abide by this policy invites strict actions against the seller. 


BonziCart will not interfere in any disputes or conflicts that arise between a Customer and a Seller or between seller to seller.

If the seller fails to or is not in a position to resolve the issue, the BonziCart will take over the initiative to resolve the conflict or a dispute. 

Any disputes or conflicts that arise through the website are thoroughly investigated, and appropriate actions will be taken against the policy breachers. 

The solution we provide to resolve the conflicts and disputes will be unbiased and shall be at its discretion. 

BonziCart is not responsible for any loss incurred to the seller or the Buyer in any transactions. 

BonziCart holds the right to take action against policy violations such as service providing, refund, and replacements. 

Any type of dispute will impact the seller’s performance criterion. 

If any disputes arise related to returns claiming that returned product, not the same as ordered, such differences will be investigated thoroughly, and necessary actions will be taken. 

To raise a dispute seller has to submit appropriate and adequate documents of proof. 

If the product delivery gets delayed, then the buyer can raise the dispute with valid proofs of order and other details. In such a scenario buyer will get a full refund from the buyer, and the seller will be charged a penalty for the late delivery. 

Disputes that arose against a listing or a seller will negatively impact the performance of the seller and BonziCart has the right to take disciplinary actions against the disputed listings or the seller. 


All the communication between the seller and the buyer should be through the medium provided by BonziCart.Communication through other mediums is deemed invalid and considered a breach of the policy.

By any means, a seller should not try to divert a buyer to a different website. Doing the same is regarded as the violation of the policy that invites disciplinary action. 

We do not entertain the marketing of any third party sites through our platform that could impact the buyers to discontinue the usage of the BonziCart website. 

Sending promotional content to the customers that could divert them to other sites is strictly prohibited. 

The seller should not use the buyer’s contact details for any marketing or promotional activities or any other personal use. 

All the communication between the seller and buyer shall remain professional, respectful, and gracious. The use of profane, abusive, obscene, or indecent language is strictly prohibited, and the use of any such communication will lead to the immediate termination of the account without any notice. 

Prohibited Products:

BonziCart has a list of products that cannot be listed and sold on our website.

• The products that are banned by Central or State governments of India should not be listed on BonziCart website. 

• Listing of sexually explicit products on our website is strictly prohibited; any attempts to list such products will result in cancellation of your seller account. 

The restricted products include but are not limited to, the following: 

 a. Alcohol

 b. Tobacco and related products 

 c. Fireworks

 d. Hazardous and Dangerous

 e. Offensive and Objectionable

 f. Illegal Drugs

 g. Surgical devices

 h. Arms and Weapons

I. Sex Product

Infringement of Intellectual Property Privacy:

The seller agrees that they will not list products that infringe any copyright, trademark, or patent rights of a different seller or third party dealers.

Listings of the seller should not violate any third party intellectual property rights.  

The seller should keep in mind that listings of counterfeit or robbed goods are strictly prohibited. 

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