Terms of Use

The document you are reading is an electronically generated document that emulates the concepts described in the Information Technology Act, 2000. The rules in the information technology act pertain to amendments, revisions, and provisions in this document are about electronic records in various statutes.

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This data published following the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 to fulfill the requirement of publishing the rule and regulations, privacy policy and user agreement for the access and usage of BonziCart website. 

Terms of Use and policies presented here are liable to revision without any notice. Users of the website are advised to have a look at privacy policy often to perceive the amendments of the policy. By continued usage of the BonziCart website, you agree to abide by the amended privacy policies. 

Note: The terms may not be altered, modified, or abolished without the written consent of BonziCart. 

1. User Eligibility 

• By mere usage of the website, you agree to abide by policies, guidelines, terms, and conditions of BonziCart.

• We recommend not to use the website if you regret to abide by our policies 

• Minors( Below age 18) are not allowed to create an account with us. However, children can buy and make transactions with the guidance of their parents or guardians using their accounts. 

• We reserve the right to deactivate/terminate your accounts and to restrict you from using our website without any notice subject to conditions that we impose in our discretion. 

• Access to the website is denied if your account is terminated from the usage of the website. 

2. User Account

As a registered user or guest user, you are responsible for all the activities performed on the website.

• It is the user's responsibility to keep their data, such as username, password, and activity confidential. 

• Report us immediately if you feel your username or password is used elsewhere. 

• To avoid security breach make sure you log out after the 

end your session.

• Under no circumstance, BonziCart holds responsible for any loss that occurred due to the policy breach. 

• Please ensure that you provide accurate details when you  register with us. Users should write to us if they need any changes in the details provided to us. 

• Do not use the credentials of another person’s account as it is strictly prohibited and considered a breach of conduct.  

• The benefits of being a guest user are limited when compared to registered users. The registered user gets offers and notifications periodically. We recommend the user to register with us and use our website as a registered user. 

• Like many other websites, we use “cookies” which are small files stored on a user’s computer to enable the browser to remember data regarding respective users.  

• Some of the links on our websites redirect you to other websites. BonziCart is not responsible for the policies of such third party websites. 

• You abide by the policy that sharing your account details to 

another person is prohibited. BonziCart is not responsible for any loss incurred due to these activities.

• If BonziCart has reasonable grounds to believe that the terms of use have been breached or violated, we hold the right to take legal or disciplinary action. 

• The terms “WE,” “US,” “OUR” in this section refers to BonziCart and the words “YOU,” “YOUR” refers to the user of the website including buyer and seller. 

3. User Accountability

• You agree that you will not use the website in a way that  interrupt its functioning. 

• You are not allowed to use the website through ways other than that provided by us.

• You cannot access, monitor, acquire, and change the content or use it for personal needs. 

• You cannot leave unwanted disputable feedback without appropriate reasons that could impact a buyer or the seller. 

• BonziCart shall verify the feedbacks and hold the right to edit/remove the feedback without any notification. 

4. Buyer Seller Transaction

• Our Website acts as a small platform where buyers meet the seller. Hence this document serves as an electronic contract between the Buyer and Seller.

• Any user who purchases a product from our site is referred to as the buyer, and the vendor who lists the product and makes it available for sale is termed as Seller. 

• We recommend users to have a look at terms of use before listing or purchasing any products. Also, the seller can add contradictory terms and conditions that specify their product. 

• Under no circumstance shall BonziCart represent the seller or the buyer regarding any transactions made on or through the website. 

• BonziCart will not ensure the availability of the product listed on the website all the time. 

• The input of falsified, derogatory comments, ratings, or feedback will not be entertained.  

• If we find reasonable proofs of falsified feedback given purposefully for a seller or buyer. We take severe action against such activities, and the user account involving in such activities will be suspended without any notice. 

5. Placing and Cancelling of Order

• The order taken through our website shall be fulfilled by the vendor within a specified period.

• Cancellation or withdrawal of an order has to be done before the product is packed and shipped by the seller. 

• If the cancellation option is not available for the product you bought, you should contact the seller to know the shipment status. 

• The option of cancellation will not be available for Non-Cancellable/Non-Returnable products. 

• With BonziCart, you don’t have the option to exchange the order. However, you can contact the seller and request a change after coming to a mutual agreement. Exchange of order or goods is the sole responsibility of the seller.  

Note: Under no circumstances, BonziCart will interfere in any complications. 

6. Terms of payment   

• The buyer needs to pay the net amount of the product, including tax and shipping charges before or on the arrival of the product.

• Payments will be accepted through Debit/Credit card, net banking and Pay on delivery systems. 

• The product will not be handed over to the buyer unless they complete the payment. 

• Cash On Delivery option is available only if the address of shipment is within reach of our Shipping Partners. 

• If the shipping address is not within reach of our Shipping Partners, you can provide an alternate address after agreeing with the seller. This option can be used at your own risk. BonziCart will not be responsible for discrepancies. 

• User agrees to share the Credit/Debit Card details for the purpose of payment and also takes full responsibility for the transactions conducted on or through the website. 

• We do not store or share your card details or any other confidential data. 

7. Warranty

• BonziCart is not responsible for any warranty and guarantees of the product sold on the website. It is the responsibility of the seller to mention the Guarantee/Warranty of the product listed on the website.

• For any disagreements/ disputes regarding the warranty of the product, the buyer should contact the seller through the platform provided on our website. 

• The buyer shall get the warranty as listed on the website from the seller. If it is a manufacturer warranty, the manufacturer has to be contacted for any warranty claim. 

8. Liability

• Under no circumstance shall BonziCart be liable to the loss or damage incurred due to any unforeseen situation including but not limited to consequential damage of products, loss of money, data, and goodwill.

• BonziCart is not liable for any user content including, misleading, inaccurate, untrue, fraudulent, improper, objectionable content and product listing. 

9. Uncontrollable Situations

If there occurs any failure in fulfillment of orders or services due to unforeseen situations including but not limited to natural calamities, flood, storm, act of God, electricity failure, network, logistics, third-party vendors or labor strike, BonziCart will not be held responsible as it is beyond our control.

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