Buyer Protection

We believe in customers' happiness; hence, we provide the most valuable service to our customers.

A buyer can contact our concerned team anytime for any grievances or complaints.

If the seller fails to deliver the product within specified time; then the buyer will get a full refund.

BonziCart is a platform where the buyer contacts the seller directly. In case of delivery of an unspecified product or damaged product, we arrange for the replacement and partial refund upon reaching mutual agreement with the seller.

A replacement or a refund shall be provided for Dead on arrival product if reported within 5 days of receiving the product.

In case If you receive damaged goods, report to us with the pictures. It will be verified, and a full refund or replacement shall be given as per your request.

If a buyer doesn’t receive the refund within the specified time, report to us with the details of the bank statement from the date of purchase to the next 10 days. It will be verified and sorted accordingly.

Buyer Welfare

To praise the buyer, we give an option for the seller to rate Buyer based on their interaction and the buying activities.

A buyer with a good rating gets special offers, coupons, and other benefits provided by the seller. 

The buyer will get a grade on their purchase and return rate.  
After successful registration, the buyer will get a red badge classified as level 5. With an increase in buying rate, the buyer will get pink, blue, yellow, and green badges for levels 4, 3, 2, and 1 respectively. 

A buyer with less than 20% return rate is classified as Level 1 Buyer. 

Packaging of the returned products is taken to account while rating the buyer. 

Level 1 buyer get exclusive offers which are not open to others 

Each offer, coupon, voucher, and the discount comes with validity and has to be used within the given period. 

Offers, coupons, vouchers, and discounts remain invalid after the expiry date. We encourage the buyer to take the use of the offers, coupons, vouchers, discounts within a specified period. 

The buyer gets referral offers on referring a friend/colleague or family member to BonziCart website. 

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